Meet Carol

I’m often asked,  “Why are you running”? The short answer is I care about our children, their families, and our community.  

Throughout my life I’ve tried to make a difference in my classroom, my kids’ schools, my small business, my church, and my neighborhood. Now I believe that the most effective place to work on issues I care about is in the legislature. I’ve therefore declared myself to be a Democratic candidate for SC House 115.  

I feel strongly that now is the time to give back in ways that represent the needs of people on James Island, Folly Beach, Kiawah and Seabrook as well as others in South Carolina.  

My focus will be on issues that matter: quality public education; affordable and accessible healthcare; good paying jobs with fair wages; safe communities; repairing bridges and roads; kicking corruption out of Columbia; protecting our environment; supporting renewal energy; protecting our environment; and ending gerrymandering. All of these issues impact our quality of life.

Voters need someone who will represent them, listen and respond to their concerns, and take action on the important state policies and issues that affect their lives. You can be certain I’ll be in touch with you both now and when I am elected.


My Family.  When I came to Charleston, SC, my first jobs were Mom to two sons who graduated from the James Island public schools and universities, and wife to George, a professor at the Medical University of South Carolina.  Together George and I coached our sons’ soccer teams, taught Sunday school, and demonstrated science lessons in their classrooms. Today I am proud of my four grandchildren and their parents. From my humble, middle class home, I’ve benefited from parents and immigrant grandparents who valued public education, that created opportunities for me to succeed.  

Our family loves Charleston. Our first activity when we came was to rebuild an old crabbing boat so the family could enjoy the creeks and waterways. To this day, we all enjoy the out of doors. And we especially appreciate the cultural advantages of the area.

Education.  I graduated from Augustana College with a bachelor’s degree in biology and secondary education, a master’s degree in biology from California State University at Los Angeles, and a doctoral degree in educational leadership from Nova Southeastern University.

Career.  My first job during my high school and college years were in a tool and die factory. It really helped me understand and appreciate the need for vocational education. After college graduation, I taught high school, middle school, and elementary science. In Charleston, I was hired as the curriculum specialist for math, science and technology. I’m proudest of the NSF grant ($5 million) that allowed me to prepare science teachers and establish a Science Resource Center. I'm also proud of the environmental education projects that were implemented via the science classrooms.  I was thrilled to return to working in schools as an assistant principal at Buist Academy, interim principal at CE Williams, and principal at Academic Magnet High School. I was pleased that the AMHS class of 2004 presented me with the raptor trophy for “a job well done” and the class of 2007 invited me to be their graduation speaker.  

Small Business.  When we moved to Charleston, I was a Mom, plus it was difficult to find quality childcare for my sons and get a teaching job in Biology, my field of expertise. So instead I started a small business and used my entrepreneurial skills to learn about the economic pressures and challenges facing small business. The Charleston Trident Chamber of Commerce recognized my contribution to the community for excellence in small business and collaboration for school and business partnerships.

Community Service and Awards.  Throughout my years in Charleston, I’ve served my community in many ways.

  • City of Charleston Commission for Women
  • Charleston and State affiliates of the American Association of University Women, president
  • League of Women Voters, officer
  • Charleston County Democratic Women, president
  • Clyburn and Spratt Public Service Award
  • Charleston Trident Chamber of Commerce Award for small business and school collaboration
  • SC LowCountry Environmental Education Project (LEAP), member
  • NASA Group Achievement Award (Can Do Project with CCSD & MUSC)
  • James Island Parks and Recreation, commissioner
  • James Island Charter High School Board of Directors, community member
  • Stiles Point School Improvement Council, member
  • James Island and Folly Beach Constituent School Board, chair