Carol's Priorities

As a member of the SC Legislature, I will use my experiences and skills to support legislation to:

  • Improve public education with support to pre-school, K-12, technical colleges, and state universities.
  • Promote job creation and economic development that pays a living wage with equal pay for equal work.
  • Improve affordable healthcare and housing options for everyone
  • Keep our families and communities safe from gun and domestic violence
  • Make government more effective and transparent with the goal of eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy and waste along with responsible spending and wise use of our tax dollars.
  • Rebuild our roads and bridges and develop more public transportation.  
  • Protect our environment and natural resources with no off shore drilling or energy scams to the public.
  • Ensure that gerrymandering doesn’t divide communities and gives every voter an opportunity to elect the best legislator to represent their community.